About ZRDC

The Zambia Research and Development Centre (ZRDC) is an institution with an overall goal of contributing to national development through capacity building and community Development. It was established in 2007 by a group of professionals and Lecturers from the University of Zambia with extensive experience in research and consultancy. It is registered with the Ministry of Home affairs under the Registrar of Societies. ZRDC aims to pursue cutting-edge research with a view of contributing to Zambia's social and economic development.

ZRDC Mission

ZRDC Mission is to foster Innovation and Capacity Building for National Development. The organization's mission encompasses activities that stimulate international collaboration, promote data sharing in the context of knowledge-based economies, make research expertise available to decision makers, and engage in a wide range of research undertakings. It aims to address poverty and underdevelopment through institutional and capacity building, human empowerment and gender participation in all established decision-making frameworks. Apart from that, ZRDC engages in Industrial and technological research, covering research development and innovative investigations to energize dynamic industrial development at national and regional levels. ZRDC believes that, progressive industrial and social advancement can only be realized through the generation of new ideas and techniques, and finding the means of exploiting new materials and processes.

ZRDC Uniqueness

ZRDC comprises professionals with extensive experience in R&D activities. ZRDC's uniqueness lies in its multidisciplinary and multicultural approach. The organization's professional staff includes specialists in economics, health, education, finance, social development, engineering, policy analysis, law, systems analysis, tourism, environment, information technology, agriculture, project management, and other key fields. This in-house expertise is supplemented by national-wide associate members and international partners.

ZRDC Objectives

  • To promote interest in scientific and social research and Knowledge sharing.
  • To create an enabling environment for development through human capacity building in basic sciences and engineering fields.
  • To provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to the benefit of the nation.
  • To provide training and education that shall lead to acquisition of research and development abilities of latest Technologies (e.g. ICT) and Businesses.
  • To provide research fellowship to students, teachers and communities.
  • To speed-up the drift towards new opportunities of E-commerce and electronic governance (E-governance).
  • To represent community needs and wants in regard to National Development frameworks.